Founded in 2003 and based in Melbourne Australia, Dimension27 is an online technology provider. Our team is passionate, committed and obsessed about the finding the best technology outcomes for our clients.

We are a dynamic, nimble and independent team of web professionals who create online business solutions. We are able to create highly customized solutions or we can work with existing knowledge and resources to streamline the web development process.

Our key offering is technology, online strategy, business analysis, SEO, project management, product development, design, usability, and online marketing.

We partner with our network of quality service providers including creative service agencies and contractors to ensure we tailor our solutions directly to the needs of our clients.


We pride ourselves in creating quality, robust and fully compliant solutions, “quick and dirty” does not enter our development equation. This principle also extends to how we develop and maintain our client relationships, we value “word of mouth” referrals and our approach is to be as open and transparent about our processes as possible.


We have a diverse mix of talents within our team that combine to allow us to provide a broad offering in the online-space. The team is headed up by Dimension27 founder Simon Wade. Simon is an experienced solution architect with extensive commercial experience designing and developing solutions for a wide range of clients and applications. Simon trained as software engineer and his professional experience has included time as a solution architect, development team leader and business analyst, mostly specialising in a wide range of internet-related technologies. 

The Dimension27 team has an uncanny knack of recruiting both technology savvy and interestingly, musically talented developers. If you're interested in joining the team visit our careers section (musical skills optional).


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